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BH Emotion Electric Bikes


The BH Emotion range features a great variety of e-bikes, from the comfortable touring bike to the folding one, or the full suspension mountain bike.

The revolutionary RDS featuring on the Neo and Evo range places the motor in the rear wheel and integrates the battery into the down tube. Its compact motor 350W limited to 250W completely eliminates the noise in times of extreme use. The Torque Sensor located on the rear part of the frame, registers the force applied by the user and sends a signal to the controller so the motor, in accordance with the assistance level selected, can help when applying a minimum amount of force. The action is carried out immediately.

BH also introduced a range of e-bikes equipped with a Bosch system. The middle motor delivers a smooth and constant assistance, providing a really enjoyable riding experience.

Whether it be for commuting, leisure cycling or off-roading, you will find the electric bike you are looking for in the BH Emotion range!