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Brand New E-Cargo Bike To GreenAer

We have just received the first of our new e-cargo bikes from Moustache this week in the form of the Lundi 20.3 & Lundi 20.5!

These are two fascinating new bikes from Moustache. The Lundi 20 was in the pipeline from Moustache for 4 years and after years of designing and re-designing, they have released this lovely bike.

The Lundi 20 is a long tail e-cargo bike capable of carrying two children or loads up to 200kg it’s an incredibly versatile bike.

Spec it and design it however you want to!


There are two main options to choose from with the Lundi 20. The first is the Lundi 20.3 which comes with the chain & cassette setup in the form of the Shimano Deore 10 speed drivetrain. The Lundi 20.5 then comes with the Enviolo belt drive for super low maintenance!


We now have both bikes on display in our Sandyford store so book in and come try it out!

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