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eBikes for business

As a growing Irish business, we understand the demands of standing out and standing up for what you believe in, we also know the hard work involved in getting your products & services out there and into the hands of your customers. Our own business has relied heavily on e-Cargo bikes for everything from mobile advertising, local deliveries of customer bikes, carrying out mobile servicing from e-cargo bikes to, most recently, supplying the postal services with the leading brand of cargo trike.

Utilising our specialist expertise, we offer purpose-built high, impact, low-cost transport solutions for Last-Mile Delivery, Corporate Fleets and Leisure Fleets.

Introducing eBikes/ eCargo Bikes into your fleet means your riders, guests or employees can move more freely and faster on the best-in-class brands.

Our focus is on providing the most effective and efficient delivery method for city transport, enabling your riders to go faster and further, covering much more ground in much less time.

What Businesses Benefit from E-Cargo Bikes??


eBikes are the best way for your guests to explore and sightsee, whether tourists or corporates. Reflect the quality of your brand and add value to your guests’ stay, leading to a better overall experience and giving you an edge over your competition. You can add to this by offering tours gaining a new revenue stream, and/ or partnering up with local businesses to showcase and package the best of your area.


Improve employee and visitor satisfaction by giving your workforce, and guests access to best-in-class eBikes for getting around and commuting while promoting a fun, healthy and active lifestyle.

eCargo Bikes are the best way to travel with ease through the city’s narrow and often congested streets. Get door to door without worrying about parking or traffic.

Cycle to work Scheme

As an employer you may also be interested in offering your employees ebikes to travel to and from work. To find out more about the cycle to work scheme, click here


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