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  This Saturday, June 22, at 2:30, the Electric Bike Challenge will be held to put electric bicycles to the test, from Samuel Beckett Bridge to Howth.  As a part of national bike-week, this challenge has been organized in order to raise awareness of the emerging commute/city-travel alternative, showing how effective electric cycling can be.

In addition to the opportunity of trying out some of Greenaer’s electric bicycles at this event, many additional attractions will be featured at the summit in Howth.  [Band] will be the featured live music performance, and [restaurant] food will be provided.  [Other booths/attractions?]

Sign-up to participate in the challenge can be found here: [link].  Trials will also be encouraged at the summit in Howth at our Electric Bike Village near Summit Inn.  To access the EB Village and the Summit Inn, you can take the bus 31/a starting from Lower Abbey Street and stop at Howth Summit, right in front of the Summit Inn.

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