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E-Bike Fleets for tours and rentals

Ireland offers a mix of the coastal and inland countryside which is a super template for overseas and domestic visitors to explore and sightsee.

An electric bike allows you to travel at your own speed and pace and to stop where you wish with absolutely no parking worries. It is rewarding as it enables you to cover longer distances, steeper hills and headwinds.

 Ebikes are recognised as an ideal solution for groups with varying degrees of age and fitness levels.

E-bikes are inclusive and appeal to a wide audience: families, couples,  corporate and tourist groups as well as thrill-seekers.

E-bikes rentals offer a unique opportunity to showcase this absolutely beautiful country to our European neighbours and those from farther afield who are interested in active outbound pursuits. As an operator, you have the possibility to link up with the local artisan’s restaurants and pubs and showcase the best of your region all in one package.

E-bikes as a means of transport have a minimal impact on the sustainability of our Country and are extremely economical to run. The cost to charge our top of the range e-bikes is circa 10 cent over a three to four hours period and the range of an e-bike after the charge is up to 190 km.

No other form of transport is as efficient or healthy or pleasurable as an electric bike!

At GreenAer we can supply you with everything you require to set up a fleet and e-bike business.


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