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Taking care of your electric bike can be very rewarding, and can make riding much more enjoyable. Below are a few tips to get you going. We recommend dedicating a bit of time to cleaning and tuning up your bike every couple of weeks.

  1. Register Your Bike – Register your new Bike with your Bike Manufacturer (if applicable with certain bikes) – this may extend the warranty and record important information. We would recommend you record the bike serial number and all key codes and retain them somewhere safe – if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to ask.
  2. Security – Please keep your bike secure at all times, use a recommended lock and GPS tracker if possible, bike theft is always present so be aware of your surroundings. We can of course assist you with all these items.
  3. Brakes – Consult your mechanic or handbook before adjustment.
  4. Battery – Your battery is a high-quality unit issued by the manufacturer, please ensure this is protected and charged as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Batteries should not be left outside in extremely cold or hot weather as this may affect the internal cells.
  5. Service – Consult your own ebike handbook for details on servicing interval rquired by manufacturer. First check up up to 500km or up to 4 months from purchase is free. This and all future services are booked in with GreenAer via our website.
  6. Cleaning – Your new pride and joy should be maintained with a thorough clean on a regular basis, we suggest not using a high-pressure washer as this could affect your charging area or remove lubricants that should be in place. For the most basic cleaning, all you need is a clean rag and a light bike cleaner. Simply wipe the bike down with your diluted cleaner and lubricate if necessary.
  7. InsuranceWe recommend ‘Qover’ which offer discount for using GPS tracker.
  8. Tightening – It is ideal to check all the bolts on your bike before each ride, although it is also fairly unrealistic to expect that you do. Every couple of weeks at the least it is a good idea to take your multi-tool to most of your bike to make sure everything is secure (secure, however, does not mean over-tightening!). Required tools: a good multi-tool.
  9. Speed – Your new electric bike is pedal-assisted which gives you more opportunity to travel further and potentially faster than you would with a standard road bike, please ensure you follow the rules of the road at all times and be careful.
  10. Helmet – It is highly recommended that you use a top-quality helmet at all times (just in case), remember, cheaper is not better! There is a variety of specialist helmets for electric bikes available.
  11. Tire Pressure – To prevent flats, and to make it easier to ride, it is a good idea to check your tires every month or so to make sure they are at the correct pressure (PSI). Your tire will generally tell you how much pressure it needs on the sidewall (60 – 80 PSI, Min. 90 – Max. 120 PSI etc.). Once you find the correct pressure, attach your pump and inflate until you hit a midway point between the two numbers.

We are able to provide any additional parts or accessories for your new bike at any time, just email your sales representative and they will be happy to assist.

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