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Greenaer Launches Kansi Folding Bikes

  Greenaer has received two new impressive cycles from Kansi — affordable and high-quality folding bikes that are excellent for carrying on public transit or storing in a small space at the office.

“Great ride, and quick and simple to fold.  It’s one of the easiest folding bikes we’ve seen…strikes a great balance between usability and ease of maintenance.”


While extremely easy to fold/unfold, the Kansi also boasts superior ride quality over other folding bikes.

“Whereas many folding bikes feel rickety and fragile, and lack the oomph to cope with serious riding, the Kansi has the gear range to power up hills as well as bomb along the flat. [The Kansi] is far nicer to ride than a Brompton.”

Helen Pidd, The Guardian

  The 3-gear and 9-gear Kansi bicycles are now in-stock at Greenaer.

Kansi Folding Bikes - Greenaer

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