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The debate on E-Scooters :

Learn about the legality and the legislation regarding the e-scooter and how it can speed up your commute.

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The Growth of Ebikes

RTE paid us a visit for a recent piece on how the “Growth in E-bike use can drive down emissions and congestion”

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I feel I’ve got some exercise and had a good cycle, I haven’t broken a major sweat and don’t feel I’ll needing to wear those ridiculous-looking cycling shorts I got for Christmas. Read more

The motor means I’m able to whizz along even if it’s windy or uphill. The children love it – the older one sings a cycling song she has made up and the little one points out everything he sees. Read more

The first hill…. effortless, out of bullock harbour
My time check point compared to a car this (the e-bike) is much much better

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