Meet Kirsten - Promovec Owner

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Greenaer: Is there a favourite quote or moto that you live by?

Kirsten: I think it has to be Einstein’s “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

kirsten 2

Greenaer: What would be written on your tombstone??

Kirsten: how about unfulfilled.

I think that the reason  I always need to be on the move is that I am bound to eternally be unfulfilled and chase dreams from one place to another.  This is why the Einstein quote about life balance resonates with me. On a bike you feel like you go places. I have been raised as a nomad and I am used to change, that helps too having lived and cycled in both London and Dublin .

Greenaer:  What was the main reason for buying an e-bike 

Kirsten:  Control!

kirsten 3

I don’t understand people who take on a task or job and don t try to excel at it , the e-bike provides me with an element of control that I would not have with any other mode of transport. I control when I leave home and when I get to work , there are no variables and that puts me in the right mindset to start the working day .

Greenaer: Tell us about what makes you tick?

I am half Irish and half German, I think that it is a great mix. I feel that the germanic hard working pragmatic approach gives me drive in my work and helps me get things done while the Irishness allows me not to get too caught up with issues and enjoy the lighter funnier side of life.

kirsten 4

Kirsten has since moved to London where she continues to cycle her Promovec E-Bike to and from work.