A2B Kuo+


The A2B Kuo+ is a foldable electric bike with 20″ wheels. Perfectly suited for short city commutes. Ideal for those with a boat, caravan or where space is at a premium. This bike can be folded and packed away in seconds.



The A2B Kuo+ is a cleverly designed folding bike weighing 17kg (19kg with battery). The ease with which the Kuo+ folds means that it can accompany you anywhere. The Kuo also has an optional carry bag available convenient for carrying on a train or for stowing away in a car boot or boat.A2B Kuo


In ideal conditions, and depending on the weight of the rider, this bike is capable of assistance on Low setting to a distance of up to 60km’s on a single charge. The Kuo+ will assist you to a top speed of 25km/h. When the LED display indicates that the Panasonic Lithium-ion battery is in need of a re-charge simply connect the charger and battery into a regular socket, just as you would with a mobile phone or laptop. Charging from empty to full takes approximately 6.5 hrs. The battery is locked to the bike frame and cannot be removed without the use of a key.A2B Kuo

While the Kuo+ is a bike designed for short commutes and is ideally suited to city environments, it does have 7 gears that allow it to take on hills quite well. The bike comes road ready with mud guards, carrier, kickstand, front and rear lights and a carrier.

The Kuo+ comes with a five year frame warranty, and a two year warranty covering electronics, motor and battery. It is (as are all new bikes at Greenaer) eligible under the Cycle to Work Scheme.

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