Bakfiets Cargo Bike Short




The smaller version of the great Bakfiets Cargo Bike, the Bakfiets Cargo Bike Short, is an ideal child transport and utility bike. Much simpler and easier to manage than any 3-wheeler, the low center of gravity makes it very stable and easy to handle.

Super-tough construction and all the features of a Dutch city bike. There are now a dozen imitations but none can match the versatility, handiness and quality of the Cargo Bike. This is the same frame and box as Maartin van Andel’s Cargo Bike.

The Bakfiets Cargo Bike sits rock-solid on its Stabilo parking stand so kids can safely climb in and out themselves. Kids love sitting up front, have a great view and can talk with you.  These bikes are built to endure many years of daily use and outdoor storage.

Specifications Bakfiets delivery bicycle:

  • Shimano 7 gears; internal hub
  • Shimano rollerbrakes
  • internal hub dynamo
  • strong rear carrier with luggage strap
  • Axa defender ring lock
  • powder coat finishing
  • oversize frame tubes
  • stainless steel handlebar, stem, nuts and bolts
  • two wheels – and therefore highly maneuverable
  • solid parking stand
  • stainless steel 26″ and 20″ wheels
  • puncture resistant tyres
  • load capacity of the box: 80kg
  • marine plywood box
  • foldable bench with two safety belts

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