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Buzz Rack Moose 3 Bike Carrier


The Buzz Rack Moose 3 is a very simple, sturdy and practical bike carrier.

It can transport three normal bikes or two e-Bikes


The Buzz Rack Moose 3 is a simple, light and reliable 2 arms bike carrier that fits any 50mm tow ball.

Its great design allows the safe transport of 3 regular bikes or up to 2 e-Bikes!

Some of the key features of the Moose 3 included a folding mechanism to easily transport the carrier when not being used.

It also tilts down , allowing access to the boot of the car easily.

byzz rack moose 3 description


Max number of bikes: 3
Fits bolt on tow ball: yes
Fits swan neck / detachable tow ball: yes
Dimensions (width x depth): 32cm x 26cm
(measured from the centre of the tow ball mount to the outside edge of the number plate holder).
Dimensions (folded): 82 x 31.8 x 25 cm
Weight: 6.6kg
Max load capacity: 45kg
Tilting: yes
Integrated lighting board: optional
Lighting board plug type: –
Bike carrier to tow ball lock: yes
Bike carrier to bike lock: no

The maximum permitted load you can carry is also determined by the tow bar nose weight; you will need to check you don’t exceed this before using any tow ball mounted bike carrier.
Requires 65mm clearance from center of tow ball to rear of vehicle.

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