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Donkey – Front Bike Bag


Front bag Donkey
Front bag Donkey


Awesome concept & design by Donkey Creative Lab

The Donkey front bike bag is a wonderful multi use bike bag that can be used to take your lunch to work, a weekend picnic or even just for your essentials and wet gear.

Use it in place of a basket for an easier and more portable bag to take shopping and carry with you.

The bag is made of sturdy thick neon green and grey PVC canvas with black velcro. Measurements are 27x26x11 cm. Made in Germany.

It is user friendly, highly visible on the road and very handy!


Electric bikes make you feel great from the moment you sit on the saddle, the ease and whoosh of the motor get you going

Enjoy the Freshair

Being stuck in a car does nothing for your health in fact quite the opposite you can feel tense and streess about traffic, other drivers, red lights and coutless other annoyances. On an ebike you get to enjoy

HEART healthy

We all try our best to keep our bodies healthy and fit but life can get in the way. The best excersise we believe is when you dont feel like your excersising too hard! Thats why ebikes are super for heart health its gentle yet effective and you combine your transport and your fitness. Thats awin win!

ARRIVE on time

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If you take the time to prebook a trial one of our team will take the time to find your perfect ebike according to your needs