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Orbea Gain X35 Range Extender

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The ebikemotion X35 “Range Extender” is available now from Greenaer for Orbea Gain eBikes!

Its bottle shaped 208W/h complement the 242W/h of the main inner battery reaching 450W/h as total capacity, extending the range up to 70% .


How does it work?

1.- Power bank for the main battery when the eBike is stopped or over 25Km/h: When Range extender is connected and switched on it starts to works as charger for the main on if there is no consumption of the main. Perfect solution for garages without plugs or charging while riding.

2.- Charging while riding: When the consumption of the motor will be lower than 2A (downhill, no assistance or over 25km/h, all the energy doesn’t consumed by the motor will charge the main battery. (by this way we compensate the extra consumption during uphill)

3.- Parallel supply: The motor unit consumption is over 2A, the Range extender will supply the first 2A and the additional energy will be supplied by the main one.



Tech Specs

Display System: iWoc ONE
Maximum discharge rate: 1,9 A
Total capacity 5.8A / Voltage: 36V
Total capacity: 208,8 W/h
Type of cell: Panasonic
Charging time: 3
Dual Charge (One charger can charge main and Extender at the same time)
Comm Technology: CAN BUS (EBM Protrocol)
Waterproof level: Ip57
Color: black anodized

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