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Urban Arrow Family Cargo Line

7,250.00 Incl VAT

Turn rush hour into fun hour.

Meet the newest member of your family. One that takes you and your little passengers wherever you want to go. No more worries about your busy schedule, kids needing to be places, grocery runs or shopping trips. Zig-zag your way through traffic effortlessly, enjoy a trip to the woods or take a detour along the beach. Try it once, love it forever. The light frame, electric pedal assist, stepless gear shifting and low point of gravity guarantee a very pleasant riding experience. It is cycling the way you are used to, plus agility, stability and safety. And with the wide range of accessories, you can tune your bike to match your family’s needs. Your Urban Arrow Family will be so versatile that you might find yourself leaving that car on the driveway. And there’s always a cherry on top: no more traffic!

Cargo Line.

The Cargo Line motor is specially designed for cargo bikes. Its stronger torque of 85 Nm can handle heavy loads and maintains enough power to climb serious hills. Bakfietsers benefit from the better dynamic adjustments, which provide more powerful support at low cadence and a bigger boost when you start accelerating. Cargo line is maximum power and comfort. The Cargo line model for the Urban Arrow Family is equipped with the Bosch KIOX display and has a Gates Belt Drive, as well as really powerful Magura CMe disc brakes.

Contact our sales staff to arrange a test drive at one of our locations and to assemble your dream build today. 

Note: Pricing is subject to change due to external factors such as inflation, material and transportation costs and availability. Only a deposit locks price on the day of a quote.

Urban Arrow Options

MotorBosch Cargo Line (85Nm)
BatteryPowerPack 500Wh
GearsEnviolo Heavy Duty with Carbon Gates Drive
BrakesMagura CMe Hydraulic
Wheels26" / 20"
Weight48kg ¦ 250kg

Finance now available

Cycle to work scheme

Insurance available

Iconic design

You know what we’re really proud of? That after a decade of optimisation, the design of the Urban Arrow Family cargo bike hasn’t changed that much. Of course we’ve tweaked, refined and improved it. But after all these years, one thing remains the same: whether you’re rushing to school or going on a coffee run. With the Urban Arrow Family, every ride is an adventure.

Safe and sound

Thanks to the three-point seatbelts and the EPP box (more like a large inverted helmet) you can always safely take your smallest passengers and luggage with you. The sturdy handlebar and low-road handling give you all the stability and control you need. Manoeuvre between small roads or speed up on the bike lane. The Urban Arrow Family provides you optimal comfort and safety.

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