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A review by the ‘Gadget Guy’ in the Sunday Business Post !

“I feel I’ve got some exercise and had a good cycle, I haven’t broken a major sweat and don’t feel I’ll needing to wear those ridiculous-looking cycling shorts I got for Christmas” The Gadget Guy The Sunday Business Post

This ebike* just makes me feel like a better cyclist. There’s no noise or weird surge from a motor, it just takes the “not nice” bits out and leaves you with a more enjoyable and strain-free commute or weekend jaunt. Highly recommended.”

Pat Kenny

“The first hill…. effortless, out of bullock harbour”

 “My time checkpoint compared to a car this (the e-bike) is much much better”


“But the effect of an e-bike is to harness a small, localised gale for your personal use. Every time you turn the pedals, there’s a whoosh, as if an invisible hand has pushed you”

“The sheer effortlessness in moving off became addictive.

So much so that, every time I approached a set of traffic lights, I was almost willing them to turn red just so I could stop, switch the power dial to maximum, and pedal off hard at the green and … whoooosh.”


“The motor means I’m able to whizz along even if it’s windy or uphill. The children love it – the older one sings a cycling song she has made up and the little one points out everything he sees”. Read more

Kirsten, Promovec Owner I always need to be on the move, I am bound to eternally be unfulfilled and chase dreams from one place to another.  This is why the Einstein quote about life balance resonates with me. On a bike, you feel like you go places”. Read more…

Brilliant service with a great product. An electric bike is a brilliant way to get exercise without totally killing yourself !!”
Bernard Reilly

“Great shop and these guys know their bikes !…. very helpful. I bought a BH City eBike and very love it !…
thank you Greenaer 🙂

“The knowledge, expertise and customer service I experienced at Greenaer gave me great confidence in buying my Kalkhoff electric bike. I’m very happy with my purchase and the on-going support from the staff at Greenaer.
If you’re considering making the move to an electric bike then you have to visit Greenaer.
I highly recommend them.”

“I bought a Momentum 2016 model here recently and oh my gosh, I’m in love. Everyone in Greenaer is so knowledgeable and helpful and I could not recommend them highly enough. Possibly the best purchase I’ve made to date, I went from not cycling at all to cycling every day 🙂 “

“I have a 15 km commute to work, was considering buying a car but instead bought an ebike. The bike cost around the same as the insurance and tax for the car for one year, so I saved a lot of money….It gets me around the city faster than any other means and gets me to work in 30 mins. Love it. Staff are amazing, they really know everything about this stuff inside out and care about their customers.
Can’t recommend Greenaer and ebikes enough, one of the best purchases I ever made.”

“Very friendly and helpful staff. They gave me plenty of options and advice when purchasing my bike. Highly recommended.”
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“Peter D’Arcy” Great service, friendly faces! And the bikes are great too ! “

A few of our happy customers 

Brian needed a sturdy electric bike to carry his ladder everyday; this Kalkhoff is his new working tool !

It’s always great to see a family leaving the shop on a cargo bike, like Niamh & Amir and their new trioBike Cargo !

Eamonn rides a BH 650B in Oz. His family came to pick up his new BH Evo 27.5 for their home in Ireland !

David about to explode with happiness with his new Haibike Xduro !

Angela is the happiest lady in Galway since her lovely husband gifted her a classic Momentum Electric Model T !

A trip to Amsterdam with @Bearbicycles was the decider for Greta !

A new Greenaer customer enjoying a family outing on their new Haibike and Weehoo trailer.
A very random meeting up in Castlewellan this weekend!

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