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The Sunday Times Reviews Electric Bikes

The Review from the Sunday Times – Featuring Momentum Electric Upstart and Haibike Xduro2 AMT Pro

Electric bikes give the freedom of two wheels and cheap commuting without the exertion and the red face. 
Gavin Brett saddles up five of the best.

They’ll get you where you’re going, no sweat.


Best for Price: Momentum Electric Upstart €1,450

The British bike maker Momentum Electric’s road-focused Upstart offers simplicity and speed at an affordable price (for an ebike, at least). The 250W motor is more than capable and will have you belting off at the lights thanks to an automatic two-speed gear system – no shifting required – that’s excellent whichever of the three power settings you’re using. The Upstart uses a torque sensor to detect pedal power and offer electronic assistance accordingly. It works well, although occasionally it left us high and dry on steep hill starts. With a batter range of about 35 miles (and a charging time of four hours), this is a great ebike for city life – it just lacks refinement. For example, the saddle grows uncomfortable after a while, and the battery makes a clunk every time you go over a speed bump.

Verdict Simple, fast and effective. For the money, a sound option.


Best for Mountains: Haibike Xduro2 AMT Pro €6750

Tackle trails on a cutting-edge German ebike, with adjustable front forks and rear suspension. Sport or Turbo mode – the latter is truly ballistic – get the most out of the 250W motor; Eco and Tour mode allow up to 110 power-assisted miles. Hydraulic disc brakes offer brutal stopping power, and data such as your maximum and average speed, trip times, remaining range and more is beamed throught the multifunction display on the bars. There’s even a USB port to charge your phone.

Verdict Sure to impress fellow thrill-seekers but costs a fortune.


Source: The Sunday Times 15.06.2014 page 34/INGEAR

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