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Tips To Look After Your E-bike Battery During The Winter


Keep your battery indoors:

Although batteries are designed to cope with temperatures below zero, cells just don’t like it. Storing your bike in the garage or in a shed is not a problem, but when temperatures are dropping, bring the battery indoors. Keeping it at an ambient temperature will maintain your battery life.


In a dry and safe place:

Try and avoid rooms where moisture can infiltrate the battery case (like the kitchen from example). It’s also important to store it away from anything that could make the battery fall down.


When storing your battery for a few months:

If you’re not using your electric bike for a long time, storing the battery completely flat may cause irreversible damages to the cells. Percentage changes from one manufacturer to the other, but usually it is best to leave your battery at a charging level of 50% to 80%. Check your battery every one or two months, and if the level goes below 20% just charge it up again to 50% – 80%. Do not leave the battery plugged to the charger, as it just puts the battery under more pressure.


Does riding in very cold temperatures have an impact on the battery’s?

First of all, the range provided by your battery can be up to 30% less when riding your electric bike in cold temperatures. Moreover, doing so for a long time will reduce the life span of the battery, simply because it will have to work more to get the same level of performance than under normal conditions.

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