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Urban Arrow Shorty Cargo Line

6,299.00 Incl VAT

A small solution with great impact.

You simply can’t say no to this buddy. With its compact volume and hugely manoeuvrable skills, it will never leave your side. Needless to say that this electric bike is the most compact one. Yet its impact is huge. The EPP-box of the Urban Arrow Shorty is flexible to use. Dog and gear along, it can all be done with ease. The accessories for the bike make it easy to fit your needs. For example, the lockable hood transforms the Shorty into the ultimate courier bike in no time. So why do things the hard way?

Contact our sales staff to arrange a test drive at one of our locations and to assemble your dream build today. 

Note: Pricing is subject to change due to external factors such as inflation, material and transportation costs and availability. Only a deposit locks price on the day of a quote.


Urban Arrow Shorty Options

MotorBosch Cargo Line (85Nm)
BatteryPowerPack 500
GearsEnviolo Heavy Duty with Gates Belt Drive
BrakesMagura CMe
Weight46kg / 225kg

Finance now available

Cycle to work scheme

Insurance available

Compact volume

Don’t let the small looks fool you. The Urban Arrow Shorty can carry quite a bit. With the extra floor in the EPP-box, you can transport goods both hidden and in plain sight. The optional lockable lid will protect your load against theft and rain.

Excellently manoeuvrable

As compact as a regular city bike and with its electric assistance, you can manoeuvre with ease and ride smoothly to your destination. There will always be a parking spot available for the Urban Arrow Shorty.

Versatility on wheels

The Shorty makes it easy to move around town, no matter what you use the bike for. Whether you’re out walking your dog in the park or heading to the market for your groceries. You’ll get there quickly, be hugely manoeuvrable and have a surprising amount of volume.

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