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Cycle to Work

All our electric bikes are eligible under the cycle to work scheme, which allows you to save upto 51%. Contact us today and we will send you a free no obligation quote.

Save up to 51% with the cycle to work scheme

Greenaer on Nationwide

Greenaer featured on Nationwide discussing the benefits of linked finance. The video gives a quick insight into how we started and why we love doing what we do!


The power to move your world

Urban Arrow is THE electric cargo bike, with its looks and power it is sure to turn heads….

Be moved by an Urban Arrow

Irish Times Reviews the Momentum

After our 1996 Toyota went kaput, we decided to go without. Commuting, ferrying kids, shopping and holidaying abroad? It’s all possible with a little ingenuity…

Read how one family ditched the car...

Greenaer – Ireland’s premium electric bike shop

Greenaer provide a range of urban transport solutions for a quicker, cleaner commute. We sell a range of leading European Electric Bikes. We are dedicated to looking after you, from helping you choose the perfect electric bike to ensuring that your pride and joy stays that way. We are passionate about what we do and we think it shows! But most importantly you can be confident that when and if you need advice or service we will be there to look after you.

As Seen In:

“the sheer effortlessness in moving off became addictive. So much so that, every time I approached a set of traffic lights, I was almost willing them to turn red just so I could stop, switch the power dial to maximum, and pedal off hard at the green and … whoooosh.”

Irish Times
“the first hill…. effortless, out of bullock harbour”
“My time check point compared to a car this (the e-bike) is much much better”


Irish Times

“But the effect of an e-bike is to harness a small, localised gale for your personal use. Every time you turn the pedals, there’s a whoosh, as if an invisible hand has pushed you”


Meet Our Customers:

The motor means I’m able to whizz along even if it’s windy or uphill. The children love it – the older one sings a cycling song she has made up and the little one points out everything he sees. Read more

Cliona Brophy - Momentum Owner

Meet Kirsten

I always need to be on the move , I am bound to eternally be unfulfilled and chase dreams from one place to another.  This is why the Einstein quote about life balance resonates with me. On a bike you feel like you go places. Read more…

Kirsten, Promovec Owner

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Contact Information:

Address: 12a Magennis  Place, Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Phone: 01 6747849

Location & Hours

We are located just off Pearse Street, Dublin 2, adjacent to Lombard street. Click here for our map.

Hours: 9.30am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 10am – 4pm. Sundays and bank holidays we are closed.