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Greenaer have extensively researched the market for electric bicycles and only supply what the industry deems as the best e-bikes and pedelec brands. These brands are consistently voted the best for performance, reliability and/or design. Greenaer specialise in four major award winning electric bike brands, Kalkhoff, BH Emotion, Hai-Bike, Promovec and Momentum. (please click the link or choose your brand from the right sidebar)

Why an Electric Bike? Electric Bikes Ireland

An electric bike is probably the most enjoyable way to commute, without the costs associated with driving or public transport. Not only do you reach your destination faster you will improve your health and fitness at the same time. An electric bike looks similar to regular bicycles but incorporates a rechargeable battery, an electric motor and a controller. They offer all the benefits of conventional cycling without the sweat. Riding an e-bike is fun, fast and makes light work of hills and headwinds.

Electric Bike V’s The Car!

If your considering swapping your car for an electric bike for commuting, you will be making a very smart decision. Some customers have calculated average savings of between €300 & €400 per month! based on parking, insurance, tax, maintenance and fuel. Of course then there are the other benefits including health benefits, carbon footprint and quality of life improvements.

Electric bicycles are changing the way we move.  This revolutionary mode of transport will continue to impact the way we think about mobility, and the customer is the center of that progress .  In order for you to get the longest life and most enjoyment from your electric bike you have to hold high standards for your e-bike that as with most big purchases investing in the best quality you can afford always pays off in the end.  Demand only the best for your ride!

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