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About the bikes


There are many reasons why thousands of customers choose to cycle electric, the majority are seeking freedom for traffic, high petrol costs and parking costs. When you consider the total expense of driving on your time and wallet, an Electric Bike becomes an incredibly practical and affordable option for commuting. Others really enjoy or enjoyed cycling and it many benefits but do not feel fit enough or enjoy the effort of climbing steep hills and strong winds. They choose an electric bike to enjoy the journey without sweating but still staying fit.

Other Benefits of an Electric Bike:

Electrically assisted bicycles allow you to go further and faster , taking the strain and the sweat out of cycling while still exercising.
Steep hills and strong headwinds are no longer daunting for commuters, electric bicycles give you peace of mind at all times with a range of up to 200 kms on one charge.
Customers describe riding an electric bicycle like being constantly pushed along , as a result average electric cyclists cover 20 % more distance per week*
It is also much more economic than a motorbike and you do not need insurance,driver’s license or even motortax.
Finally it will never let you down, as you can always pedal home !
With an increasing range of off-road & hybrid bikes these machines let you explore and are seriously fun to cycle!


The main difference with ordinary bicycles:are the two components that make up the electric system, a motor and battery.

When you start to pedal the motor is turned and it gives you a boost of power. There is a sensor which measures the effort you are doing, so, the more effort you put in the more power is sent to the motor . You can choose the intensity of the power with different levels of assistance. But if you do not pedal the motor will not provide you with any assistance.

For instance, with an electric bicycle the time taken to reach 20kms/h from a standstill is halved compared to an ordinary bicycle with far less effort in comparison.


For those who would like to improve their fitness gradually.
For those who want to avoid traffic and the expense of a car
For those who enjoy touring and cycling holidays
For professionals to commute to work; to run errands when they are working
For those with a caravan or holiday home.
For those who have been diagnosed with joint/cardiac issues or recovering from injury;
For those who have lost their driver license/ or who cannot drive
Anyone interested in having fun rediscovering the joys of cycling

About the batteries


Depending on the battery capacity it will take between 4 and 6 hours.

Most users charge their battery over night which is perfectly OK as long as the charger is disconnected after the overnight charge .

The BH and most Kalkhoff models require to take the battery off before charging up , Promovec bike batteries as well as Kalkhoff Impulse batteries can be charged up directly on the bike or taken off .


BH and Kalkhoff offer a 2 year warranty on their batteries while Promovec offers 1 year

Depending on the models the lifespan at full capacity is between 600 and 1200 charges.

In terms of mileage the “up to” figure approximate figure is 30 000 kms at full capacity , before dropping to 80 % or below.

It is advisable to maintain the batteries in a dry place when not in use at an ambient temperature (18 degrees celsius).

It is also recommended to charge and discharge the battery down to 10 % for the first five charges if you can.

If the battery is not in use for a prolonged period of time, make sure that you give it a full charge every month before leaving it be so that it does not go in low voltage mode.


All our electric bikes come equipped with Lithium batteries . This battery chemistry does not suffer from the memory effect, I.e, you can charge it whenever you feel like it . .

Kalkhoff use Panasonic ( 8Ah up to 24 Ah capacity), Impulse (11Ah up to 17Ah Capacity) and Bosch (8-11 Ah capacity)

BH NEO use Samsung (9Ah Capacity)

Promovec use Panasonic cells (7Ah up to 12 Ah capacity)

About the motors


An electric motor is an electric machine which turn electric energy into mechanic energy. It can have several advantages in contrast to combustion engines:

At the same power the size and weight are less.
Its performance is very high (typically about 80%, increasing it as it increases the power of the machine).
It is quieter than a combustion engine and it has less vibration.


A brushless electric motor is an electric motor which does not employ brush to make the change of polarity in the rotor. Nowadays, thanks to electronics, are very advantageous because they are cheaper to produce, weith less and require less maintenance.

Other characteristic is that for dosing the power of an electric motor, in the absence of a mechanical accelerator such as combustion engines, the drive is used. Otherwise would obtain any or all of the engine power. These motors are powered by batteries that are independent of power.

Bicycle assembly and delivery

At Greenaer we take pride in giving you the best possible bike purchasing experience, whether that be in our store, over the phone or online.

One area that sets us apart from our competitors is the effort we go to in order to ensure your bike reaches you in a safe and secure condition with only minor assembly before you can hit the road.

For your convenience, comfort and safety ALL bikes purchased via our website are fully assembled and tested by one of our qualified mechanics prior to being dispatched.

During the assembly process the forks, wheels, seat-post and components are fitted. Gears and brakes are adjusted wheels are trued, tyres pumped up and all nuts and bolts tightened.

If you have purchased any accessories, they will be fitted to the bike FREE of charge at this point (just notify us at the time of ordering).

To arrange the delivery of your electric bike or accessories, please contact us directly 01 67 47 849.

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