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AXA Fold Ultra 90

145.00 Incl VAT

The Fold Ultra is a high quality folding lock. It has been developed for bicycles that are parked for a longer period of time in a busy area with a high theft risk (for example in a city or at a station). The folding lock has a Sold Secure Gold, SBSC, Varefakta and ART 2 star approval. The folding lock comes with the new designed click bracket. With 1 push of a button, the bracket opens and the lock can be taken out. When you put the lock back in the bracket, just close the clips and the lock is securely stored. The bracket can be mounted on the bottle cage. If this is not available on the bicycle, the bracket can be attached to the bar with the 2 strips supplied. Thanks to the anti-rattle mechanism, you don’t have a rattling noise while cycling. The Fold Ultra is 90 cm long and has flexible joints, so you can easily attach your bike to a pole or fence. The diameter of the hardened steel links is 8 mm and the cylinder has a cover. This means that the cylinder is protected against moisture and dirt, this will expand the lifespan of the folding lock. Furthermore, the links have a rubber housing that ensures that there are no scratches on your bike. The folding lock comes with 2 keys. It may happen that you have lost your bicycle key. This is no problem! A new key can be ordered quickly and easily via our online key service. It will then be delivered within a few days. When purchasing the Fold Ultra, write down the key number somewhere. You need this to order a new key.


Safety description

  • Safety level 14
  • Complies with the Sold Secure Gold, SBSC, Varefakta and ART 2 star approval
  • Extra secure cylinder

Comfort description

  • Soft sides prevent scratching
  • Click bracket
  • Cylinder protected against dust and dirt
  • Click in function
  • Online key service
  • Lock head 360 gr rotatable
  • Suitable for: cargo bikes, speed pedelecs, E-bikes and city bikes

Technical description

  • Length 90 cm
  • Bracket can be mounted on the bottle holder pivots
  • Bracket can be mounted with straps around frame
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