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Moustache J. on – The urban one

6,499.00 Incl VAT

Leave your car behind!
Free yourself from constraints and enjoy the pleasure that J offers to get around with complete confidence.
Arrive on time for your appointment, with no stress, fatigue or worry, like floating on a cloud thanks to its full suspension. What a pleasure it is to breeze through congested traffic, carried on the wind
of your bike’s assistance.

Easy to ride, easy to park,
easy to use, easy to maintain.
And beware, thieves!
Because J is armed to the teeth ;-{D


Standard Equipment Highlights:

  • Bosch, Kiox 500, Smart System, colour screen, navigation, customisable display, audible indications, Lock function (optional) – Walk assist
  • Light luggage carrier – Sleek look that matches the design of the J perfectly – QL3 mounting standard for using lateral compatible panniers – Removable QL3 studs for attaching regular panniers with hooks

J. on options:

other accessories are available via your local store; child seats, crates, baskets, pannier bags, additional locks and helmets, etc.

MotorBosch, Performance Line, 250W, Smart System, 75Nm
BatteryBosch, PowerTube 625Wh, vertical, Smart System, 146km Autonomy
GearsEnviolo, TR 380%
BrakesAlhonga, HJ-472, hydraulic disc
WheelsSchwalbe, Super Moto-X, 27.5x2.40
Weight 135kg | 30.3kg

Finance now available

Cycle to work scheme

Insurance available

Child's play

Its open, low-step frame means you can ride through the urban jungle with ease and without any restrictions, even in your most elegant outfit.

J. on follows your every move thanks to the high rigidity of its frame.

Its dropper seat post allows you to lower your saddle when you need to stop at a red light.

Changing gears is intuitive and continuously variable, allowing you to switch gear progressively with a simple twist of the grip.

Like floating on a cloud

Want to think outside the frame? Want to breeze over potholes? With its adjustable full suspension, the Moustache Magic Grip Control hydro-pneumatic rear shock and its comfortable saddle, J. all absorbs all shocks smoothly and makes every ride a moment of pure pleasure.

Its comfort-oriented geometry, ergonomic Moustache handlebar and adjustable stem offer a natural upright position so pleasant that we will never see you without a big smile on your face ;-{D

Next-generation anti-theft protection arsenal

For optimized protection, J. all is equipped with the eBike Lock and eBike Alarm functions as standard via the Bosch ConnectModule integrated into the frame.

The eBike Lock prevents your bike’s motor from starting in the event of an attempted theft and is unlocked again via your smartphone.

The eBike Lock prevents your bike’s motor from starting in the event of an attempted theft and is unlocked again via your smartphone.

The eBike Alarm is a GPS tracker that geolocates your bike in real time and emits an audible alarm in case of theft. This function is automatically activated as soon as you turn off your bike (subscription required).

Peace of mind

The belt drive combined with the Enviolo continuously variable hub integrated into the rear wheel offers many advantages: ease of use, minimum maintenance (no need to oil the chain), durability and unrivaled smooth ride!

Like our other eBikes, J. on is equipped with a wrap-around transmission housing and our legendary double-cavity mudguards. Solid, protective and always perfectly aligned to keep you stylish in any circumstances!

As smooth as a magic carpet

The Bosch Performance Line motor integrated into the suspension arm offers incomparably smooth, progressive, natural and quiet assistance, while offering a high level of assistance thanks to its high torque (75 Nm).

Its stiff frame combined with the unified swingarm suspension system allows for 100% energy transfer to the rear wheel, for optimal efficiency without wasting any energy – neither yours nor that of the motor and battery.

The Enviolo belt transmission goes even further: smooth shifting, no jerks, no risk of chain jumping. Full control at a simple twist of the handle, whether you’re pedaling or not. Pure pleasure!


J is tested, re-re-tested, with three times the resistance threshold required by the standard. With a new design, we wanted to push our quality requirements even further: X-ray analysis, resistance tests on new benches and rolling tests… There’s no skimping here ;-{D

Thanks to a unique manufacturing process, we have been able to integrate internal reinforcements and produce an open and full-suspended frame as stiff as a closed frame, delivering a riding experience that’s as pleasant as it is safe!

Additional information


S (1,55 – 1,70m), M (1,65 – 1,85m), L (1,80 – 1,95m)




Black Matt, Grey Matt, Olive Matt

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