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Moustache Lundi 20 – Cargo eBike

4,799.005,499.00 Incl VAT

With its new longtail frame designed to guarantee you a large load capacity at the front and the rear, you will be able to safely transport your children or your belongings, well held in place thanks to the ALBERT protection bar, and easily change any accessories according to your needs… without forgetting the pleasure of riding in the saddle of a bike that’s easy to manoeuvre and fun :-{D

Model 20.5

The very intuitive Enviolo system will enable you to easily change gears with a simple turn of the wrist, whether you are pedaling or not.
The Gates belt drive guarantees minimal care is needed and a life time that’s…maximum. It is also totally integrated for improved safety

Model 20.3 uses Shimano, Deore, RD-M5120-SGS, 10-speed, Shadow + (better chain retention)

What's a cargo bike?

The electric cargo bike is THE solution to do without a car in day-to-day life, thanks to its big capacity for loads up to 200 kg and its versatility.
We wanted this new cargo bike to inherit the same genes as our Lundi 27, the iconic model of our brand for almost 10 years and offer a dynamic ride specific to our Moustache DNA. It’s why we opted for a longtail format, for an easy and safe feel, whether you are riding it empty or filled to the brim. Thanks to the new Bosch Cargo Line motor, that’s reliable and ultra-powerful, even at low speeds, you will have no difficulty in transporting all your load.
Fun guaranteed on your “smiling machine” ;-{D

As many accessories as you could wish for!

In order to offer you lots of flexibility, we have developed a whole range of compatible and very practical accessories so you can configure your Lundi 20 as YOU want it.
Equip yourself for every situation you face in day-to-day life, whether it’s for transporting people, animals or material with our range of dedicated accessories.
As a bonus on all our Lundi 20s, the ALBERT protection bar, compatible with numerous types of crates and accessories, enables you to fix all your bric a brac in the wink of an eye.

See all the compatible accessories..

Manoeuvrable, even when filled to the brim

You keep your balance and control over your steed in every situation.
The 20″ wheels offer you an incredible agility especially in turns and make all your maneuvers easy, even the trickiest ones.
When you stop at traffic lights, the height of your telescopic seat post can be adjusted using the control on the handlebar so you can easily keep both feet anchored on the ground and head off just as easily, even when you’re riding loaded with children at the rear dancing the Macarena!

Your safety is not to be trifled with!

Your safety is in good hands thanks to the mid-step frame design that offers an easy step over, all whilst guaranteeing a rock-solid stiffness. The rear part of this longtail is reinforced with a very strong trellis construction that can support a rear load of up to 70 kg without any deformation due to the weight (in technical jargon we call that the sausage effect) ;-{D
High end equipment that’s specific to e-bikes (brakes and lights) is of course included.
Children can be comfortably and safely installed on bord thanks to the ALBERT protection bar that’s fixed on the luggage carrier, protecting them from any falls or shocks.
The integral wheel guard also works as a mud guard. It prevents any straps or hangers getting trapped in the spokes, or the little feet of children for example.

A cargo, yes, but compact!

It’s compact, with its total length limited to 185 cm and its optimized geometry that will give you an ultra-comfortable riding position.
You will be able to easily weave through the urban jungle, manœuver and even use all the parking spaces provided for bikes.
And what’s more you can store your Lundi 20 vertically if needed, for example in order to take a lift, in public transport, or even if you want it to take center stage in your living room ;-{D

Comfort and more comfort

For comfort we first think about the saddle, just as for a good armchair, it must be spongy and firm at the same time. But we must also speak about the seat post which offers 40 mm of suspension to gently smooth any shock for your backside.
The reinforced large volume tires offer a perfect compromise between comfort & shock absorption, and efficiency.
And of course, the Lundi 20 is provided with the same Moustache handlebar as its Lundi 27 cousins, offering an upright position, that’s comfortable and a 180° lateral view, essential for having eyes at the back of your head when riding in town!
Comfort and… more comfort!

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20.5 Enviolo, 20.3 Deore 10sp

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