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Moustache X Urban Iki MIK HD Seat Pad

129.00 Incl VAT

Safely seat your young at the rear of your Lundi 20. Your passenger will be comfortably seated, backrest raised or lowered for a wider and more comfortable base depending on their size. From 1m15 and up to 27 kg maximum, you will feel like you’re a tuk-tuk driver during your journey ;-{D
And if you are transporting a little one at the same time, they can hold onto the backrest of the passenger in front. Something to trigger a new calling!

– Installation exclusively reserved on Lundi 20
– Fixed in one click thanks to the included MIK HD support
– Safety belt enabling usage for children from 1m15
– 100% waterproof, easy clean
– Maximum comfort thanks to the seat and to the foldable backrest
– Suits children from 1m15 and up to 27 kg

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