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Qibbel 6+ Junior Seat

105.00 Incl VAT

6+ Junior

Are you picking up your child from school or taking them to see the grandparents? Even if your child can ride a bike, it’s a great idea to have a sturdy rear seat on your bike. One that is safe and fits well.

The Qibbel 6+ Junior is suitable for children aged 6 and above, with a maximum weight of 35 kilos. Make sure you ask your bicycle mechanic if your luggage carrier can support this weight. This rear seat is extra strong, equipped with a seat belt and foldable footrests, and thanks to the soft seat cushion, your child won’t want to get out of it!

Safe and strong

Safety is, was and always will be our number one priority. For this reason, this rear seat is equipped with a hip belt with a three-point fastening system. With the Qibbel 6+, you can take your child for a ride without any worries.

Super-fast assembly

Nervous about assembly? Not necessary. The rear seat can be installed on your bike with no tools needed. Check whether your luggage carrier’s frame is between 10 to 22 millimetres. For thin tubes (diameter of 10 to 14mm), we provide a special insert. Need help? Ask your local bike shop for advice.

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