Bike Repairs Workshop

We have a full workshop to repair every type of bike
Our bike repairs workshop off Pearse Street in Dublin 2 is minutes from the Dart station.

Our mechanics are passionate about bikes and fully trained to deal with everything from a puncture repair to a full bike rebuild. We do fast turnaround, with most jobs being finished the day they are brought in, and we have a comprehensive range of spares and accessories. We are happy to do every type of job from small adjustments to major reconditions, frame repairs and we work on all types of bike, old and new. We do a free safety check and quote prices in advance, ring you when we are done and we do most jobs the same day.

At Greenaer, we want to keep you cycling smoothly and safely for as long as possible! Proper maintenance is key to staying on the road – here’s a quick guide on how to make sure your ebike lasts!

Check Monthly

Often times, the most basic maintenance is overlooked and can cause issues down the road. This list includes easy and cheap maintenance that can extend the life of the components on your bike!

  • Check to see if the gears and brakes are working properly, ensure there is no binding or roughness.
  • Keep an eye on nuts and bolts to make sure nothing loosens.
  • Check tyre condition and pressure, a properly inflated tyre will wear better and reduce the risk of punctures.
  • Clean and lube chain to ensure it lasts, resists the elements, and keeps a smooth drivetrain.
We recommend keeping the battery in ambient temperatures, in colder months it would be best to bring the battery in doors. Even when not in use, batteries should be charged up at least once a month to keep the battery from going into low-voltage mode.
To keep you rolling, we offer all of these services – check out our pricing and contact us to set up an appointment!
PLEASE NOTE: We do not do battery replacements or repairs on electronic components for e-Bike brands we do not sell!

Ideally performed twice a year on daily commuters

Proper maintenance of the bicycle’s major components is essential for a well-tuned machine. To ensure your bike is in tip-top shape, we recommend;

  • Safety Check
  • Basic adjustments of cables and levers
  • Cleaning/Lubrication
  • Diagnosis of overall condition and recommendation if further repairs are needed.
Complete rebuild of your bike – brought back to life good as new!
If you have an older bike, or haven’t kept up with maintenance over the years, we can still help! We offer a complete rebuild service – installation of all new components to get you back in the saddle! Rebuilds and overhauls include;
  • Strip down, clean & re-greasing of components.
  • Complete check of all components on bike, replacing as needed.
  • Brake service, including inner and outer casing change.
  • Gear cable change and re-tune.
  • Wheels tensioned and trued.

Basic Service

Includes basic checks and safety adjustments
  • Check gears and brakes
  • Check nut and bolts
  • Pump tires
  • Lube Chain
  • Test ride
  • Diagnose if further repairs required

General Service

Ideally performed twice per year for daily commuters
  • Safety Check
  • Basic Adjustments
  • Lubricated
  • Drive train cleaned
  • Diagnose if further repairs required – Bottom bracket, pads and cables not included

Overhaul Service

A compete rebuild of your bike, designed to bring your bike back good as new
  • Strip down, clean & re-greasing of components
  • Complete check on all components
  • Brake service, including inner and outer casing change
  • Gear cable change and re-tune
  • Wheels tensioned and trued

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